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 “Return, thou backsliding Israel.” Jer. 3. 12, 14 1

Come, ye backsliding sons of God,
For many such there are,
Who long the paths of sin have trod,
Come, cast away despair;
Return to Jesus Christ, and see
There’s mercy still for such as we.

2.  ’Tis true we can’t pretend to much
Of usefulness or fruit;
But yet the love of Christ is such,
We still retain the root;
Returning prodigals shall find,
Though they are base, their Father’s kind.

3.  The indignation of the Lord
Awhile we will endure,
For we have sinned against his word;
But still his grace is sure;
’Tis all a gift; let no man boast;
For Jesus came to save the lost.

J. Hart

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