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Hymn 803 Part 2
And did the darling Son of God
   For sinners deign to bleed?
   The purchase of that precious blood
   Must needs be rich indeed.

2 God’s wisdom would not pay for toys
   So great a price as this;
   ’Tis God-like glory, boundless joys;
   ’Tis unexampled bliss.

3 Saints, raise your expectations high;
   Hope all that heaven has good;
   The blood of Christ has brought you nigh –
   Invaluable blood!

4 Eye has not seen, nor ear has heard,
   Nor can the heart conceive,
   What blessings are for them prepared
   Who in the Lord believe.

5 By others, for their virtue fair,
   Let rich rewards be sought;
   Give me, my God, to freely share
   What thou hast freely bought.

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